About Us


The Wahoo Centre

We looked at swimming pools around the world and selected the best systems and design features, and the end result is perfect water and air. Our site looks out over a school playing field to a valley in the distance. Our architect was able to make the most of this beautiful view, and the extensive windows also bring in abundant natural light. Stainless Steel, glass, sandstone tiles and water give the building a modern feel.

The Teaching Pool

Our 'small' pool measures 25mX10m and is 1.5m deep throughout in order to cater for small children, Aquarobics and aquatic rehabilitation. The water is kept at 30 degrees C because kids under 12 years of age are more sensitive to temperature and learn better in warmer water.

Wahoo's Specialist Gym

The gym looks out over the pools and across the valley. Members can enjoy the view and the privacy of being above the traffic on pool deck. The gym offers high end treadmills, cycles and elliptical trainers, machines, free weights and chilled filtered water for rehydration.

Our Air and Water

We have invested heavily in air and water circulation, heating and cooling, filtration and sanitation. Our main water sterilising agent is ultra violet light, and our water is filtered through the same ultra-fine medium as is used in the brewing of clear beer. The filter medium is therefore subject to the strict regulations that govern the food and beverage industry. Furthermore, the filter medium is entirely replaced after each backwash, unlike sand filters which progressively cultivate living systems. Incoming air is filtered and is introduced fast enough to replace the internal air every 15 minutes. Clean air and clear water combine to create the feeling that you are flying when you are swimming.

Water Temperature Regulation

We are committed to two temperature targets: 27 degrees C in the big pool, and 30degrees C in the small pool. The difference between these targets reflects the different uses of the two pools. The big pool is for bigger swimmers to do harder workouts, and the small one is for smaller children to learn to swim, and for aquarobics. We have consistently maintained temperatures at the targets for more than 3 years. Energy efficiency is achieved by transferring surplus heat from inside the facility to the pool water and by solar heating for the showers.

Chemical Dosing

The international norm for ultra-violet sanitation is to also use a small dose of chlorine. The ultra-violet lamp is situated in the delivery line after the filter, and the circulating water is sterilized in that line. The body of water in the pool remains vulnerable until it passes over the UV lamp, and so a residual chlorine dose is recommended. We therefore inject a small, but continuous, stream of pre-dissolved calcium hypochlorite into the delivery line by means of an accurately adjustable diaphragm pump. The same method is used to introduce pre-dissolved hydrochloric acid. Full dissolution is achieved in the delivery line before re-entry to the pool. We test our water twice daily with laboratory equipment, and adjust the dosing levels accordingly. We are fanatical about our pH management, and our track record is outstanding. We periodically test for chloramines (which cause red eyes and that 'chlorine' odour) and dissolved minerals and salts. In addition, we occasionally test for bacteria colonies, and can happily report that nothing has shown up in our incubator.

Wahoo Aquatics Programme

We cater for swimmers from 6 months old, and there is no maximum age at all! Programmes offered include Pre-Swim for the tots, Learn-to-Swim for all ages and Squad Training for all levels and abilities of swimmer.
Competitive swim club: An active and successful competitive swim club competes at school, provincial and national level.
Tri-athletes and Masters Swimmers are offered specialist coaching sessions and there is also a place for the social swimmer, or the serious swimmer who does not require coaching.
Water polo: an increasingly popular sport in our country and is growing to meet the high standards set by our overseas counterparts.