About Wahoo

About Wahoo

Our Pools

Wahoo Aquatic Centre features three separate pools which are temperature regulated  to cater for various types of training. Temperatures vary from 27- 30 degrees Celsius to accommodate small children, hard training sessions, water polo matches and more.

We offer two 25m swimming pools in the main building and one small pool in the learn-to-swim centre, which caters for all ages, levels and types of training required. All pools feature specialised filters and circulation, which ensures magnificently clean water for all to enjoy.

Our Aquatics Programme

We cater for swimmers from 6 months old, and there is no maximum age at all! Programmes offered include:

Pre-Swim Lessons for the tots, Learn-to-Swim for all ages and Squad Training for all levels and abilities of swimmer.

Competitive swim club: An active and successful swimming club competes at school, provincial and national level.

Tri-athletes and Masters Swimmers are offered specialist coaching sessions and there is also a place for the social swimmer, or the serious swimmer who does not require coaching.

Water polo is an increasingly popular sport in our country and is growing to meet the high standards set by our overseas counterparts.

Wahoo’s Specialist Gym

Our gym offers members a magnificent view of the pools and horizons spanning across a beautiful valley, which makes training even more enjoyable.

We have: High end treadmills, stationary bicycles and elliptical trainers, rowing machines, free weights and a chilled water filter station for optimum hydration.