Sport Science

Sport-Specific Conditioning

Sport specific training is important for any athlete wishing to excel in their sport, these programs will typically include to name a few; strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, nutrition, pre-habilitation and the training of aerobic or anaerobic energy systems.


Although a relative “new term” the importance of such a program is vital in the prevention of injuries associated with the participation of sport on a social, provincial or professional level.

Core stability, balance, coordination will typically will run concurrent/addition to a sport specific program or exercise program.

Also the application of such a program extends it’s benefits on the faster recovery time post surgery(orthopedic) in that a person will rebound faster.

Balanced Approach 

We will work together to develop a sustainable and tailor-made program for you, which includes a healthy diet and active lifestyle. 

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