Masters Swimming Club

Masters Squad

Join Our Wahoo Masters Swimming Squad, which includes Pool Racing Competitions, Open Water Swimming and Triathlon Swim Coaching.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 18:00- 19:00 and Saturday mornings from 07:00- 08:00. For more information, please contact us: 011 807 5118

Testimonials About Our Masters Coach:
Cyndi Starr

“Young, dynamic, dedicated, driven, with a passion for sport and fitness training”

Owen Sheftz

“A seasoned swimmer and coach who inspires by taking the time to know each swimmer”

Andrew Ford

“A knowledgeable and driven coach, with a passion for her swimmer’s performance. She is patient and kind and always willing to take the extra time to assist swimmers who require extra attention. Her sets are well thought out, challenging and adapted in order to get the best out of her swimmers”

Jacques Pieters